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Our stands are located in the Mercato Centrale of Florence, that is situated in Via dell'Ariento, between Via Panicale and Via Sant'Antonino, a characteristic location of the period when Florence was the Capital of Italy. Inside the market you will find two prosciutterie where you will be able to taste cold cuts (served on wooden chopping boards) and cheeses from all the national territory accompanied by excellent wine! Always inside the Mercato centrale there is our 3rd stand, a typical shop where to buy products from the territory.

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Lombardi brand quality

The Enoteca Lombardi is synonymous with quality . Every day we bring to the tables of our premises excellent products chosen with the utmost care and coming both from Tuscany (our strength) and from all over the country.

some of our trusted suppliers

These are just some of the suppliers we address to for the products that we bring on the tables of our premises. Cold cuts, cheeses, liqueurs, oils, biscuits and much more from Enoteca Salumeria Lombardi.

+39 347 037 43 64 segreterialombardigroup@gmail.com