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The Enoteca Lombardi holds a great history made of flavors, aromas and traditions. Under the name of Enoteca there are four different shops , but these are connected one to the other with a passion for good food and their being typically Tuscan. We are at the Mercato Centrale (ground floor) with three beautiful stands: two so-called Prosciutterìe , where to taste cold cuts (on typical wooden cut-boards) and cheeses from all over Italy, accompanied by superb wine. The third stand is a Shop with typical local products , where it is possible to buy wine, vinegar, oil, limoncello, salami, cheese and much more!

The fourth but not the last Enoteca Lombardi. Inside a careful selection of cheeses and a wide selection of Tuscan wines. In the end there is the Restaurant , which is located in the heart of the city of Florence , in Via Por Santa Maria; here the visitor can enjoy the typical Tuscan cuisine, well sought-after and refined!

typical products

Within our shops many types of typical Tuscan and Italian products of excellence.


All products are chosen with utmost care to guarantee excellent quality.


Added value of products and quality, the years of experience in the catering business.

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Choose from one of our shops in Florence the one that best suits your needs and come to visit us.

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Lombardi brand quality

The Enoteca Lombardi is synonymous with quality . Every day we bring to the tables of our premises excellent products chosen with the utmost care and coming both from Tuscany (our strength) and from all over the country.

some of our trusted suppliers

These are just some of the suppliers we address to for the products that we bring on the tables of our premises. Cold cuts, cheeses, liqueurs, oils, biscuits and much more from Enoteca Salumeria Lombardi.

atelier del vino


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